7 Steps To Use A Stencil When Stitching A Quilt

Sewing taking concentration and the good control of your hands. That’s why the people who are good at knitting and sewing are good at almost that requires extensive concentrating. The role of a stencil when getting a quilt done is prominent. If you didn’t know how to use them, you might end up in a situation where you’d need to start from the scratch. 

Here are 7 steps to use a stencil in the right way.

  • Find the necessary quilt supplies
    There is no such thing as raw materials when it comes to quilting. Hence, the necessary supplies tat you’re going to need are the necessary good quilt stencils, a finished quilt top. There are many stencils out there available in the market. But not all are of high quality. If you didn’t do you research right before investing on a company, you might end up overpaying for absolute garbage. On the other hand, new designs come every day. In a situation like that, you must buy your essentials from a good company.
    • Select a marking tool
      The reason why you need to stress on finding a good marking too is because it could get difficult. In deciding that, you can consider the following set of options.
      • Chalk
      • Quilt pounce
      • EZ quilt washout pencils
      • Fabric mechanical pencils
        In using them, you should never push too hard or use too sharp pencils due to tearing possibilities.
        • Stitch the quilt top, the middle batting and the backing together
          These are the 3 layers of any quilt. If you want an applique design done, you of course need to choose one from the available applique quilt kits. However, sometimes they come with all the necessary things. This makes this third easier but you must make sure that they are well attached to each other before proceeding.
          • Decide the starting point of the stenciling
            What is your design? Does it go from one edge to the other or a medallion in the middle? Although people prefer starting from the middle, it is choice entirely up to you.
            • Position the stencil on the quilt top
              This has to be done in such a way that the dimensional alignment is not messed up. Hence, ensure that it is staring and square at all times.
              • Start tracing
                Most people mess up this part due to unsteady hands. You’re not in a hurry; take your time and make sure that the tracing is done in a good way, as the first trial.
                • Reposition and repeat
                  Once the first run is done, take off the stencil and check for flaws. Place it again and repeat it to increase the accuracy.
                  This is how a stencil is used. Now that it is done, you are ready to execute a good quilt. That has to be done properly for a great finish.

Tips For Giving The Perfect Gift

Giving is an experience far better than receiving, especially when it comes to presents. So make sure to make it count when you are gifting your loved one, whatever the occasion it may be. First be mindful about the individuality of the person who you are gifting, get to know their likes and dislikes or their wants at that particular time of life. For example a young student moving out of their parents’ home to start college may be in want of bed sheets and gifting them exactly that could be a thoughtful and useful gift.

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These days you can buy art online Australia, order clothes and get almost anything and everything through the internet. So do not worry yourself too much. Sometimes there is a lot of value added to a gift by the way it is presented to the recipient. So make sure to wrap them nicely and add a card with a personalized message to make them know it is from you and you appreciate them in your life.A gift can even come in the way of an action. You can help a friend to move in to a house, help a relative get well from a sickness, cook your parents a meal or take out your partner for dinner and a movie. Actions speak louder than words, so do not underestimate the value of such a gift.

The art of gift giving is a good old tradition that will always hold a special place in every culture. Mother Theresa has said it is not what we give that matters but how much love we put into our gifts and this should be the take home message. No matter how valuable your gift is, unless it comes from your heart it wouldn’t be received in the way you expect.