Is Your Privacy Important?

The right to privacy is a human right that is inherent to all mankind. We cherish the thought that we have a right to enjoy and live our life in manner that we chose and we owe no one any explanations or there can be no supervision. To a lot of people protecting their privacy is becoming an increasingly difficult task. We are connected in so many ways and sometimes we are unaware of how close we are of losing our privacy all together.

If you are bothered about the privacy at your home there are things you can do about it. For an example you can use aluminium screens to protect your privacy at home from the neighbours. You can use it in balconies, near windows or gates etc. It comes in fashionable styles and it serves the purpose of both decoration and protection of privacy. In modern homes these screens can be seem very often.

Another example is that you can have metal fencing that will keep out the animals and unwanted trespassers but still allows you to not to feel too enclosed and trapped wishing your own boarders. It allows the breeze to move in through the gaps between the metal bars and allows you to feel the fresh air rather than a huge concrete wall that makes you claustrophobic. These are two examples of things that can be done to preserve the privacy of your home (as a building of course).

But not everything in life can be readily remedied like that our house. Our lives are different. We are living creatures who live and mingle with other living beings. We can’t just get a screen and shut the other party out whenever we feel like it. Privacy has to be balanced with our social interactions. As the great philosopher Aristotle wisely said; man by nature is a social animal. Out interactions with each other in a community basis and in a one-on- one basis. We need that social interaction. It may be with our partners, family, friends, neighbours or co-workers but still we can’t avoid that craving for society and its interactions. No man or woman can live in total isolation. Hence the problem of balancing your individual privacy with your need for social participation.

Take for an example the new trends in social media. Twitter, facebook and other social media websites helps you to connect to the world and with people you love and cherish. But this comes with a cost. A lot of people has their privacy breached by hackers and too inquisitive individuals whom we had to add because of politeness rather than any friendship. Your pictures and videos are not safe and a lot of people can simply google you and find many things that can breach your privacy.

So privacy as I said comes with a price. You must be willing and able to pay it. And you must definitely try to balance our human craving for social interactions with our craving for privacy.